October 2019 Meeting: Kenneth Withers Presenting: Global Business, Legal, and Ethical Aspects of AI Rooted in IG

Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 17:30

Ada County Highway District (ACHD) Auditorium, 3775 N. Adams Street, Garden City, ID 83724

Event Information: 

IG professionals -- whether anyone knows it or not -- wield tremendous influence over the decision-making process in business, government, and public institutions. While it is not the function of IG to make final business decisions, the quality of those decisions relies on the quality of the information provided to decision makers. When the “decision maker” is a computer algorithm, the quality of that decision relies in large part on activities that lead up the application of the algorithm – the collection, organization, curation, and presentation of records and data for the algorithm to chew on before it spits out an answer. While many critiques of artificial intelligence focus on the algorithms themselves, the algorithms don’t function in the abstract – they are what they eat. And IG professionals are the ones who determine what they are fed.  


The overwhelming challenge for IG in these early years of the 21st century is the sheer volume of data being generated or collected from a wide variety of sources using a wide variety of methods. It’s a data jungle out there, and not everything found in a jungle is edible. Different species of AI, just like their human counterparts, require different data diets to function properly. Garbage in, and … well, you know what comes out.


During this hour, we’ll cover:


  • Basic definitions of AI (a brief review)
  • Practical applications of AI to various IG functions
  • Critiques of AI for text/content analysis
  • How courts and regulators view AI
  • 21st century “language” – how does AI handle emojis, emoticons, and memes?
  • Fine-tuning AI for applications involving text/content analysis
  • Proposed “Principles for AI Implementation”